We have a dedicated media team who specialise in 360° video for use across various scenarios. Using a number of methods to capture footage, the team will work with you to ensure they script the content you need to elevate you campaign to the next level.


Our media team have years of experience with processing 360° video across numerous industries for a variety of outputs. Your content can be integrated and animated with a wide range of software and media to meet your needs.


We offer wide range of custom built multi-screen displays with interactive touchscreen options. All of which enable you to display engaging 360° media to truly immerse your customer in to your product or experience. 



Whether it be sales and marketing events or UCAS events, our systems allow you to display immersive content across multiple screens for heightened visualisation.


Our immersive displays screens with touch screen capability provide an engaging experience like no other.

Virtual Tours

Our Arena system allows small groups to step inside the 3x3m cube and be virtually transported around your product or destination. With content displayed on all four walls the systems provide a unique and memorable experience like no other.

Recent Projects

Institute of Quarrying

Mission Room supported the institute of Quarrying to create an immersive environmental story showcasing to celebrate their Centenary celebrations. 

University Of Birmingham Open Days

Hundreds of students explore Birmingham’s hidden gems without stepping foot outside the campus.

Evelina Children’s Hospital

Mission Room teamed up with marketing agency RAPP to create a unique immersive Christmas experience for the children at Evelina.